Change the game for your school!

Get your mates, your class and your teachers involved in the challenge and raise awareness of the importance of mental wellbeing in your community.

We know that schools represent some of the most important hubs of social connectivity in our communities and are focused on supporting the mental wellbeing of young people. So, get your classmates, your teachers and your community behind the Challenge and raise funds for that special school project or for one of our featured mental health charities.

Here's 3 popular FUNraising ideas to help you take action for your school*!

1. RUN IT!
Want to run the length of a marathon over one week while still attending school and sport? Set a fitness goal and get your friends and family to sponsor your marathon effort throughout the challenge! You can even add your kms manually or via fitness apps directly to your fundraising page to show your progress!

Get your friends and family together at lunch time and take turns showing off your skipping tricks for the entire lunch break! Pick your
a day and collect a crowd to watch! You can even collect cash donations on the day and donate them later to your page!  

Select a day throughout the Challenge and get your mates together to face off! Your family and friends can sponsor you to be the longest lasting handball’er on the pitch! You could even get your friends to pay a donation to your fundraising page as an entry fee to the competition! Challenge your teachers to enter too and see how far they can go! 

* Remember - these are just a few suggestions for you and your class mates - you can always dream up your own ideas!

Ready to change the game?

Challenge4Change is a week-long fundraising campaign held between 21-27 August 2017 that encourages supporters of charities, schools and sporting clubs to complete an activity challenge using non-motorised transport all in the name of raising awareness and support of mental wellbeing.

How it Works

From pogo sticking around the playground to running a marathon with mates, to simply stepping out with your family, Challenge4Change is a Virtual Fundraising Challenge with a simple premise; Taking Action to Support Mental Wellbeing is good for us all!

Here's 3 popular Challenge ideas to help you to take action for YOUR chosen cause*!

1.  RUN IT!
Turn your love for running into a force for good by setting yourself a personally running target for the week of the challenge. Want to run the length of a marathon (or more!) over the week in between work and your social events? We know life can get busy but for the week of the challenge, set a fitness goal and get your friends and family to sponsor your marathon effort! You can even add your kms manually or via fitness apps directly to your fundraising page to show your progress! 

2.   WALK IT!
Do you live close to work? Do you catch public transport? If you live close enough, get your walking shoes on and take the walk to work challenge for the week of the event! If you catch public transport, you can get off a few stops before work (and before home on the way back) and walk the extra few kms (try 2km or more each way)! Show your friends and family you’re committed to making
a difference and take the walk home challenge! 

Live too far from work to walk? Take the ride to work challenge! Hop on your wheels and set a goal to ride to and from work every day for a week! Let your friends and family know you’ve given up the car or bus for the week and to sponsor you to put your helmet on to ride to and from work. You can add the kilometres you ride manually or via a fitness tracker directly to your fundraising page so your supporters can see your progress! 

*Remember these are just a few ideas - feel free to dream up your own!

  1. Choose your challenge using a creative mode of non-motorised transport.
  2. Select the charity or cause of your choice and start fundraising! (either one of our featured charities or a local community initiative).
  3. Then complete your challenge anytime between 9-15 October with friends, family or people from your community!


Need some more information? Not sure where to turn or what the facts are?

We’ve gathered all of the information you’ll need to help you understand more about mental health issues and we’ve also popped in some great free resources that you can download and use to promote your event and support your fundraising!

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Our Partners

Challenge4Change is fortunate to have the support of some important Partners. Register today for FREE and take advantage of some of the fabulous special offers exclusively available to our Fundraisers!

‘Studies show that exercise can treat mild to moderate depression as effectively as antidepressant medication—but without the side-effects…research also shows that maintaining an exercise schedule can prevent relapsing.’
Better Health Channel. Victorian State Government

Make your donations go further with pre-tax payroll giving. Rally your workmates and get active to support a mental health charity through your workplace. Register your business here (enter Challenge4Change as the event you’re signing up as part of).