Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I take part alone or in a team?

You can do either! When you register, you sign on as an individual. You can then go on to create a team if you choose to do so. We encourage you to assemble a team as soon as possible as being connected with others in your community can also be a great boost to your mood – not to mention assisting you to meet your fundraising target!

Can I start my challenge before August 21?

You sure can! The dates of 21st - 27th August are a guide only and are designed to put some time drivers for people to strive towards. If these dates don’t suit, you can do your challenge anytime between now and the end of October.

How do I register?

Registration is easy. Just click here, choose your charity, school or club.

How do I register my School or Club as a beneficiary?

To register your school or sports club, click here.

How do I register my Charity as a beneficiary?

To register your charity, click here.

Is there a cost to register?

No. There is no cost to register either for a participant, a school or a club.

I’m new to fundraising. How do I go about raising money?

All you have to do is ask. We have some great resources that will help you with creating emails to send to friends and family, what to post on social media. It is also proven that if you update your fundraising page with your profile picture and personalise your story you will raise more than those who do not. And we’ve found that the earlier you do so, the better - so what are you waiting for? Good luck!

How do I find people to sponsor me?

The best place to start is to ask friends and family. Send emails to work colleagues, post on social media, and talk to anyone who will listen about the good you are trying to achieve. You’ll be surprised how many people are willing to support you. (Check out the Resources section of the website for more pointers like email templates, social media feeds etc!).

When do the fundraising pages close?

Fundraising pages will remain open until midnight 31st October 2017.

Do you have any Challenge4Change merchandise available?

Yes, there is a limited range of merchandise available for purchase. Please feel free to browse here.

What is the challenge?

The beauty of the Challeneg4Change concept is that you get to decide what your challenge will be. As long as it is a non-motorised form of transport, the sky's the limit when it comes to choosing your challenge.

Some of our favourite challenges so far include uni-cycling, crawling through a mud-filled obstacle course and grooving along to the Macarena! Why not take a look at some of the ideas and suggestions we have!

Which beneficiary will my funds be donated to?

You get to decide where the funds you have raised will go and you select the Cause of your choice at the time of registering. You can opt for one of our supporting mental health charities, or you can sign up your local club or school as a beneficiary or any other charitable cause of your choice! We believe that mental wellbeing is often a very personal cause, and so too, should be your choice of beneficiary!

Who covers the costs of creating this event?

Like any event there are significant costs to be able to bring a campaign such as this to life, for example marketing, media and technology platform fees are just some of these! Notwithstanding this, we have waived the fees for participants to register to participate as well as for schools or clubs to register as a beneficiary. Challenge4Change therefore has a service fee on donations of 30% of the funds raised in the hope that we can recoup these costs and create an event that is sustainable year on year to enable us to have a long-lasting impact on taking action to support mental wellbeing for many years to come!

Can I fundraise through my workplace?

Yes! Employees can ask their employer to set up a workplace giving program to get involved with Challenge4Change. Simply register for free with Benojo to enable pre-tax payroll donations to our featured charities, or other others you want to support.